Top tips to beat
tiredness when it strikes

Catherine Mortimer

By Catherine Mortimer Freelance journalist

Beep! Beep! There goes your alarm clock and still half asleep, you feel for the snooze button again. Your eyes are heavy, your body’s tired and you have zero energy to face the day ahead.

It’s a familiar feeling for many people especially mums like me who’ve been up half the night with a little rascal - in my case my two year old daughter Rosie. So how can you find your get up and go when you feel like yours has already got up and gone?

Drink right

The first thing to do is drink up. When you’re asleep you get mildly dehydrated and your body needs fluids to get it going. Many people reach for a cup of coffee to perk them up but the caffeine it contains only works temporarily and you will most likely end up more tired. I find a cup of decaffeinated coffee tricks my brain into thinking I’m waking up. The taste makes my body start to act like it’s getting a caffeine hit. I also drink eight glasses of water a day.

Be energised

Hands up who feels like working out when you’re shattered? Not you? Fair enough. But surprisingly studies show exercise can actually help perk you upi. It also helps you lose weight if you need to, which can contribute to you feeling less sluggish. I find a walk round the park in the fresh air with my toddler in the buggy and my energetic dog pulling us along works wonders. But if you’re up for it you could try more intense workouts like Zumba to blow the cobwebs away.

Go low on GI

When you’re feeling frazzled do you reach for things like biscuits or chocolate? Your body is looking for energy, so sweets / chocolate always seems appealing. However, it pays to stock up on low Glycaemic Index foods such as whole meal carbs, which can keep energy levels steady. I swear by this for keeping my batteries topped up. Also, keeping your vitamin and nutrient levels topped up. One way to do this is to keep on top of your five a day! Fruit snackpots, are a good and easy way to do this.

Instant pick me up

When all else fails there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned splash of cold water on your face. Or try running your wrists under cool water for a minute or two for more effect. It stresses your body just enough to help wake you up. It works for me.


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